A kiss is as old as affection



Entry from the E-Word Dictionary

BUSS           SaPHaH            Sin-Phey-Hey 

Sah-PHAH                    [S-PH à PS à  BS]

ROOTS:  A BUSS is a hearty, smacking kiss, which romantics will lament as archaic.  There is no so-called IE root for BUSSING.  German bus is a kiss.  The Irish and Gaelic bus is a mouth or lip. The Edenic lip is the reverse of this bilabial-fricative: SaPHah (lip – Psalms 22:8).  Focusing on the Sin-Phey, we can see SIP at “SIPHON.” Moving  to the Pey-Hey, we are at the Edenic mouth: PeH (see “OPEN”). 

 BRANCHES:   Seppun is a Japanese kiss. Like BUSS, the Spanish kiss reverses the Sin-Phey with beso.  A hardened PeH (mouth) may be behind the softer kiss, the PECK.

LaSHOAN (tongue) is often translated “language,” but is more like dialect. The context of Genesis 11:1 and Zephania 3:9 would make SaPHaH (lip, language) more like “language.”  Just as a hardened end-Hey allows us to hear BEAK and boca (Spanish mouth) from PeH (mouth), we can hear the word SPEECH in SaPHaH.  To unlock the Indonesian word for language, reverse bahasa (language), switch places of the H and B, and shift the B to a PH.  In French, where mouth is  bouch, a kiss is  baiser. Less formally they have kiss words like bisou and bise as well.    An important SaPHaH, lip or language is Sanskrit. The Sanskrit for language is bhasah. Reverse S-PH, shifting bilabial Phey/ PH to BH.     

In chart form:  SaPHah (lip – Psalms 22:8) is

   #1 a whistling fricative like S, soft C or CH,

   #2 any bilabial or lip letter (B,F, P, V)

EDENIC        (lip)     Sa  PHa H
English (kiss) reversed buss SSu B  
French (kiss) reversed baiser Sa iB  
Germain (kiss) reversed bus Su B  
Hungarian (kiss) reversed puszi iS uP  
Irish-Gaelic (kiss) reversed bus Su B  
Japanese (kiss)     Se PPu N

[The following words have been linked to SaPHaH (lip) by Fernando Aedo:

From Dravidian (Southern India), where C is a CH sound]

EDENIC   (lip)     Sa  PHa H
Gabda (lip) reversed vasi Si Va  
Kalasha/Dardic (lip)     uS PHu N
Konda (kiss)     Su B  
Malayam (smack, suck)     Ca PPu ka
Pasai/Dardic (lip) reversed buest ST euB  
Sanskrit (kiss) nasalized [+M] kiss Cu MB  
Tamil (kiss)     Cu Vai  
Telegu (smack lips)     Ca PPu  

[… and from the Americas:]

EDENIC     (lip)     Sa  PHa H
Amazonian: Cashinahua (kiss) reversed batsu TSu Ba  
Mayan: Teco (kiss)     TZ’ uuB- i
Tzotzil (kiss) reversed butz’ TZ uB  
Andean: Quechua (to pu
rse the lips)
    CH’ iPuy  

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